Since the establishment of Metropolis Academy in 2014 as a non-profit organization, the Academy has aimed to become one of the leading academies in Jordan.
In 2023, Ayman Mahdi al-Juboori & partners Company for legal and Financial Services was chosen to be the only representative of Metropolis Academy in Iraq.
Here, at Metropolis Academy/Iraq, we offer training courses for lawyers, consultants, and law students in the different fields of law, taking into consideration the needs of each individual.

Our quality of work put us at the forefront in the field of legal training and we offer the opportunity for companies and individuals to choose from many training courses lectured by our qualified experts as the quality of courses and the quality of the certificates we award are our main goals.

Our mission

We are committed to helping our trainees to get the ultimate advantage from the courses they are enrolled in.
In addition, we always make sure of meeting the specific requirements of each individual throughout our flexible and customized courses.
We always focus on achieving the highest quality standards when it comes to our training courses.

Our Courses

  • We offer the following courses:
  • Legal English courses
  • Arbitration and alternative methods of resolving disputes courses.
  • Drafting contracts in English courses.
  • Legal translation courses.

To register and participate, please contact the numbers :
  07750000230    -   07733222024
Or send us an e-mail :
Also You can visit us at the Academy's located at :
Iraq-Baghdad-Al-Harthiya-Al-Kindi Street-branch opposite Baghdad mall-Ayman Mahdi al-Jubouri & Partners company building

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