Our company pleads before all Iraqi courts of all degrees and types on behalf of individuals and legal persons from companies, bodies, organizations, institutions, commercial groups and government parties, the most important of which are:

1- The Supreme Courts of Appeal
2- The Federal Supreme Court in Iraq
3- Federal Courts of Cassation
4- Courts of Appeal
5- Courts of First Instance
6- Administrative courts
7- Personal status courts
8- Criminal courts
9- Misdemeanor Courts
10- Juvenile courts
11- Investigative courts
12- Labor Courts
13- Investigative committees formed within the ministries
14- The Supreme Court of Cassation
15- Integrity Courts

Our company also prepares, writes and follows up legal contracts in a professional manner through a specialized staff that provides the best legal services in the field of international and local contracts. We have distinguished experience in the areas of negotiating contracts and preparing legal feasibility studies for contracting and resolving contracted disputes through mediation, reconciliation and arbitration, in addition to providing various legal advice to the client.
Legal information services:

Our company provides legal information services that are related to all criminal and civil laws operating in Iraq and in accordance with the laws and regulations in Iraq.

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